Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Adultery between married partners: A recession strategy?

Adultery between married partners: A recession strategy?

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

7 people confirme dead

Seven people were killed in a rush-hour collision between two Metro trains in Washington on Monday, D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty said Tuesday.

Firefighters climb atop the wreckage of two Metro subway trains that collided Monday in Washington.

There had been conflicting figures on the number of deaths.
Commuter traffic along the Red Line, where the crash happened, will be "severely" affected Tuesday, officials said.
By late Monday, emergency crews had switched to recovery operations after halting rescue efforts.
One of the dead was the operator of one of the trains, transit authority officials said. The National Transportation Safety Board was investigating.
The crash occurred just before 5 p.m. on an above-ground track in the District of Columbia near the border with Takoma Park, Maryland.
Both trains were on the same track, and one of them was stationary when the crash happened, said John Catoe, Metro general manager. A total of 76 people were treated for injuries at the scene, including two with life-threatening injuries, said Chief Dennis Rubin of the Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department for the District of Columbia. Two of the injured were emergency responders, Rubin said.
Four people were taken to Providence Hospital in washington, including two with back injuries, one with a hip injury and one complaining of dizziness from hitting her head, hospital officials said.
Washington Hospital Center said it had received seven patients from the crash with non-life-threatening injuries, ranging from serious to minor. One person needed surgery. Howard University Hospital reported three patients from the crash and Suburban Hospital in Maryland said it had two.
One car was "about 75 percent compressed," and recovery workers aren't sure if any more bodies are inside, D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty told CNN's "Larry King Live" on Monday night.
"We just haven't been able to cut through it to see if there's bodies in there," Fenty said.
"The scene is as horrific as you can imagine," Fenty said in a news conference. "One car was almost squeezed completely together." A certified nursing assistant who was on one of the trains told CNN affiliate WUSA she was trying to help those in severe condition after the crash, including a lady who appeared to be in her 20s.
"She is very, very torn in her legs -- the muscles and everything are torn, ripped through. She had metal pieces in her face," said the nursing assistant, who said her name was Jeanie.
Other witnesses described seeing more blood than they had seen before. cnn

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Election in Iran

He's gone from colorless insider to political rock star — a graying, bearded veteran of the Islamic regime who now stands at the forefront of a youth-driven movement fighting for change.
Despite his newfound fame, Mir Hossein Mousavi still works out of his old office at the Iranian Art Academy and lives in the same unassuming brick home in a middle class district of Tehran as before, according to an aide.
Only now, he travels with armed guards provided by the very government he is challenging.
When he appears in public, such as at an opposition rally Thursday in Tehran, crowds surge around his car, chanting his name, according to witnesses in the Iranian capital.
It's unclear what has propelled this calm, deliberate architect and artist — who twice refused to seek the presidency — into a confrontation with the ruling establishment of which he was once a part.
Nor is it clear how Mousavi will respond if the opposition movement transforms from a campaign against alleged fraud in the June 12 election into a major challenge against the core values of the Islamic Republic — that senior clerics have the final say on major issues.
Even during the election campaign, Mousavi was less critical of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad than another challenger, former parliament speaker Mahdi Karroubi, who received only a fraction of the vote.
Associates say the real firebrand in the Mousavi family is his wife, Zahra Rahnavard, a prominent professor who campaigned by his side.
For years, he remained out of the political limelight, painting pictures — mostly with religious themes — and designing buildings, including two universities, a mosque, a museum and a shopping center.
Nevertheless, a 67-year-old figure nearly devoid of personal charisma has become the champion of a generation inspired by the hope of change, organizing protests with technologies such as mobile phones and Internet that didn't exist when their parents overthrew the U.S.-backed shah in 1979.
In his new role, Mousavi has displayed a common touch — something Ahmadinejad has also sought to portray in an effort to identify with millions of impoverished Iranians.
On Thursday, crowds cheered as Mousavi, dressed in a black coat and trousers, climbed on top of his SUV, addressing his followers through a loudspeaker rather than mounting a stage.
Although a number of his followers have been arrested, aides insist Mousavi himself has maintained his old routine, even as his challenge to the powerful clerical establishment is growing.
"Mousavi goes to his regular job as the head of Iran's Art Academy and lives with his family in the same place he lived before the election," said Qorban Behzadian Nejad, head of his campaign headquarters.
"At the same time he pursues his activities for nullification of the election."
Much of Mousavi's appeal among Iranians eager for change probably stems simply from the fact that he is not Ahmadinejad, a hard-liner who has failed to deliver on economic promises and who seems to relish provocative statements — from calling protesters "dust" to denying the Holocaust — that stir controversy at home and abroad. from yahoo

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Michelle Obama filling for Divorce

According to a white house insider, Michelle has been in touch with a divorce lawyer in chicago , Il. Still according to the same source, Michelle was going to boycot the trip to Europe for the commemoration of D-Day and that Hillary Clinton was instrumental in getting the first lady to change her decision that was why she didn't accompany the president to the middle East.

Reconstruction in Iraq

It has been 9 years since we embarked in the war on terror. Along, we made "useful'' alliances and broke " meaningless". in the process we landed in Iraq where the power of our arsenal was put to test. The young mighty experienced US military stood the ground and didn't wanna accept defeat as an option. They stood strong and they made it, through harsh interrogation or violating the Geneva convention they made it , some alive and some waiting yonder. They did their part, correctly or not, they did their part what is oour part? the answer is in the pic displayed. It is time to come together and start reconstruction

Google teams up with western Union

Google has paired with Western Union to make payment easy for people using Adsense program.
The new program Western Union Quick Cash payment is available in seven countries : Vietnam, Barbados, Bolivia, Nepal Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Guatemala. This program have 2 goal : make it easy for people collecting money in rural so they won't have to wait for check to come in the mail and the bank to clear it, and by doing so to appeal onto new bloggers to take advantage of the programs and expansion the reach of the giant search engine. Since there is no fee attached to the new service, google is planing on targetting other countries considered as developping countries where the internet is still at his genesis

Monday, June 8, 2009

the longest african serving dictator dies in Spain

The old man is dead. And it is a shame for a man like him , in power for more than 40 years and was unable to build an hospital that could have treated him and cut short all speculation about his life. It is really pityful to said that he dedicated his life for his country, i will say he dedicated his life in looting the gabonese people. Now the country is left hanging on a balance and i won't be surprised if his Son ( the actual minister of defense) takes power without any election.... Africa africa... when will you wake up ?